Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Reference to Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls 4Q451 ?

I was reading an article in the Times of Israel today from Canadian Archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici who believes that he has found a reference to Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls since it mentions "calming of the Great Sea, Parables, Nail, Crucifixion  .....   and that "He will make atonement for all the children of his generation."

Is this a reference to the Qumran/Essene  "Teacher of Righteousness" ?

Was Jesus ever called the Teacher of Righteousness ? A Priest of Righteousness ? King of Righteousness ? Righteousness is Tsadek .... and Jesus called himself a Priest in the line of Melkizadek - Melki-Tsadek .... A Priest in the line of the King of Righteousness.

Here is the latest Translation from the Fragment 4Q 451:  

Column 1
(Fragment 6) (1)... Dee[p things]... (2) who doesn’t understand. And he wro[te]... (3) and he stilled the Great Sea... (4) Then the books of Wis[dom] will be open[ed]... (5) his Word... 

Column 1 (Fragment 2) (1)... Wo[rds]... and according to the Will of (2)... to me. Once more he wrote (3)... I [sp]oke concerning it in Parables (4)... was near to me. Therefore, was far from me (5)... The visi[on] will be [profou]nd... .the fruit ... 

Column 2
(2) [from] God... (3) You shall receive the affli[cted ones]... (4) [You] shall bless [their] burnt offerings [and You shall establish for] them a Foundation of Your peace... (5) your Spirit, and you will rejoice [in your God. Now] I [am proclaiming to you parable[s]... rejoice. (6) Behold, a wise man [will understand that I am seeing] and comprehending deep Mysteries, thus I am spea[king...] in parable[s]. (7) The Greek (?) [will not understand. But the Knowledge of Wisdom will come to you, for you have received... [you] will acquire... (8) Pursue her (Wisdom) and seek [her and gain possession of] her to swallow (her) down. Behold, you will gla[dden] many... many (will have) a place... 

Column 4
(1)... his Wisdom [will be great.] He will make atonement for all the children of his generation. He will be sent to all the sons of (2) his [generation]. His Word shall be as the Word of Heaven and his teaching shall be according to the will of God. His eternal sun shall burn brilliantly. (3) The fire shall be kindled in all the corners of the earth. Upon the Darkness it will shine. Then the Darkness will pass away (4) [from] the earth and the deep Darkness from the dry land. They will speak many words against him. There will be many (5) [lie]s. They will invent stories about him. They will say shameful things about him. He will overthrow his evil generation (6) and there will be [great wrath]. When he arises there will be Lying and violence, and the people will wander astray [in] his days and be confounded. 

Column 5 (Fragment 5)
(1)... and those who are grieved concerning... (2) your ju[dgment] but you will not be gui[lty]... (3) the scourging of those who afflict you... (4) your complaint (?) will not fail and all... (5) your heart be[fore]... 

Column 5 (Fragment 1)
(1) [Behold] I saw one... (2) I saw seven rams... (3) Some of his sons shall walk... (4) They shall be gathered to the Heav[enly Beings]...

Column 6
(1) God [will set] right error[s]... [He will judge] revealed sins... (2) Investigate and seek and know how Jonah wept. Thus, you shall not destroy the weak by wasting away or by [Crucif]ixion... . (3) Let not the nail touch him. Then you shall raise up for your father a name of rejoicing and for all of your brothers a [firm] Foundation. (4)... You shall see and you shall rejoice in the Eternal Light and you will not be one who is hated (of God).

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